Asset Start fee Waiting discount / hour @steemfinex finex
STEEM 0.25% 0.005%
STEEMP 0.35% 0.005%
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The longer you wait, the lower fee you get!

From 2019-11-01 UTC 00:00 Waiting discount for exchanging STEEM for STEEMP will be 0.005%

From 2019-10-03 UTC 17:00 base fee rate for exchanging STEEMP for STEEM will be 0.35% (STEEM for STEEMP will be still 0.25%)

Waiting time discount for exchanging STEEMP for STEEM will be 0.005% (STEEM for STEEMP will be still 0.01%)

The current fee schedule will be used for a while until further notice. Fee may eventually increase (but may also be with some voting). Enjoy until then :)

To minimize your waiting time, LP (liquidity provider) of 1500 STEEM/STEEMP volume is being added. So depending on LP's availibility your exchange could be done sooner even when @steemfinex doesn't have a balance for you. LP will be automated.

General instruction

- steemFINEX - low & zero fee STEEM/STEEMP exchange. The longer you wait, the lower fee you get. It can even be zero!
- Visit for daily STEEM/STEEMP demand report.

What is @steemfinex?

Low and zero fee (at most 0.25% and can even be ZERO %) STEEM/STEEMP exchange system
(minimum fee 0.003 will be applied for spam prevention.)
The base fee starts from 0.25% and decreases by 0.01% every one waiting hour, which means it will be free after 25 hours!

How to use @steemfinex?

Just send STEEM/STEEMP to @steemfinex. So simple!
- If you want to exchange STEEM for STEEMP, send STEEM to @steemfinex (with an optional memo for waiting time in hours)
- If you want to exchange STEEMP for STEEM, send STEEMP to @steemfinex (with an optional memo for waiting time in hours).

If you visit, then you can see the balance of @steemfinex and yours, and you can even send STEEM/STEEMP here with keychain or steemconnect. Of course, you can use any transfer method you like.

To prevent spam, the minimum amount is 1 STEEM/STEEMP, any amount less than that will be donated. No exception.

How are the low fees possible? What happens if @steemfinex doesn't have enough balances?

Great point! and here is the magic. If @steemfinex doesn't have balances, your transfer will be refunded without a fee after 5 minutes.

What is the waiting time?

The real magic begins here. You can specify the waiting time in hours (Just write number in the transfer memo, e.g., "10" means 10 hours. Use number only without quotes/strings.)
Then, the base fee starts from 0.25% and decreases by 0.01% every one hour, which means it will be free after 25 hours!

Min and Max waiting time?

Min is 5 minutes, i.e., even if you write "0" in memo. Max is 1 weeks (=168 hours), i.e., even if you write "1000" in memo. So if you have enough time and don't want to calculate, just write 1000 or any big number you like in the memo. Again, you should write numbers only (without quotes/strings) in the memo. 5 minutes default waiting time will be applied otherwise.

I haven't received the exchange nor the refund by the expiration time.

So far there has been no single delay due to @steemfinex. Yet the delay can happen mainly due to steem-engine account history API problem. This happened twice in a week recently. In this case, you can't see the recent transfer history from keychain either. Likewise, there is no way for @steemfinex to confirm your transfer. (While block streaming might be one alternative, I've already checked that that may also be unreliable.) If your transfer is shown up on, you can assume that yours will be processed anyway later on. So unfortunately, in that case it can be delayed until the steem-engine API problem has been resolved. Again, there is no compensation for any delay for any reasons except that you'll get discounted fee rate depending on the actual waiting time. Delay notice may be posted on When the API problem is resolved, your exchange may be attempted first before refunding.

What if I have any further questions?

Then better not to use this service :) Or read this again: steemFINEX - low & zero fee STEEM/STEEMP exchange. The longer you wait, the lower fee you get. It can even be zero! I made this service mainly for fun and to support my other services (@scotauto (, @scotview ( so that they can be provided for free to users. Using @steemfinex will help those services.

Currently, this service is open alpha test until 26th of Aug, 2019 (before HF21) and the beta will begin after HF21 is stabilized.

(All fees are valid in the alpha test only. From beta, base fee will be 0.50% with a minimum fee 0.005. All fees are subject to change.)

Do not use it if you don't understand. Do not use it if you want fast responses if delays occur. Please use this as you exchange STEEM/STEEMP with your friends.
@steemfinex (or any person involved in the project) undertakes NO LIABILITY for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of @steemfinex in any circumstances.

* Any balance change may take up to 30 seconds due to Steem Engine API's delay. Any incorrect values are most likely due to Steem Engine API.

Instruction in Korean

현재 베타 테스트 중인 서비스입니다. 아래 글들과 사용후기를 잘 읽어보고 사용하시기 바랍니다.

@steemfinex 계정에 STEEM이나 STEEMP를 입금하면 반대통화로 자동환전이 됩니다.본인계정명 (또는본인계정명)으로 접속하면 간편하게 이용할 수 있습니다.

STEEM 잔고가 있으면 STEEMP 입금 시 바로 환전이 되며, 반대로 STEEMP 잔고가 있는 경우 STEEM 입금 시 바로 환전이 됩니다.
잔고가 없는 경우 별도 대기 신청을 하지 않으면 5분 후 환불이 되며, 메모에 숫자(예: 50 입력하면 50시간. 최대 1주일=168시간 가능 그 이상은 1주일로 처리됨. 0.5 (즉 30분) 같은 소수도 가능하나 0을 입력해도 최소 5분으로 처리됨. 숫자 외 문자 등을 입력하면 기본값 5분으로 처리)를 입력하여 대기시간을 지정할 수 있습니다.

현재 테스트기간 중 수수료는 기본 0.25%이고 대기시간이 1시간 지날때마다 0.01%씩 감소하여 25시간이 지나면 스팸방지 최소수수료 0.003을 제외하고 무료가 됩니다.
1 스팀 / 1 스팀P 미만 입금시 스팸방지를 위해 기부금으로 처리됩니다.
반올림 오차로 인한 steemfinex 잔고부족을 방지하기 위해 전송할 금액에서 소수점4자리이후는 버림으로 처리되며 이에 따라 매우 작은 금액의 경우 수수료율이 기본값보다 약간 높게 나올 수도 있습니다.

이 페이지에서 바로 스팀커넥트를 이용하여 STEEM/STEEMP 입금, 키체인을 이용하여 STEEMP 입금이 가능합니다. 키체인 STEEM 입금은 키체인 API버그로 직접 키체인에서 하셔야 합니다.
송금, 즉 active key가 필요한 트랜잭션이기에 만일에 대비해서 확인을 누르기 전에 트랜잭션 메세지를 잘 확인하시기 바랍니다.

자세한 사용설명 및 사용후기들
- [Steemfinex] 최저 수수료 0% 스팀/스팀P 자동환전시스템. 대기시간만큼 수수료 인하.
- [steemfinex] 추가 설명 및 사용후기들

스팀 / 스팀 엔진 API 장애 등으로 잔고 조회에는 최대 30초 수준의 딜레이가 있을 수 있습니다.


Memo (optional) waiting time in hours

- default: 5 minutes. max: 1 week (168 hours)
Enter number only
- e.g., "10" : 10 hours, "0.5": 30 minutes